Video Streaming Solutions

Video and TV Streaming has only been an interesting product since the fast growth of broadband access across to internet users. Video Streaming at near TV quality takes up between 300kps – 700kps which has only previously been accessible to big businesses but is now available to Papaboy Media.

1. On Demand
This allows you to stream any media from a collection of uploaded files on demand but with the added security that the listener cannot download or copy the audio files.

2. Play List
This allows you to stream a list of files on loop to provide a DVD like experience, this could be many Video Files in a play list or one long fully produced file on loop.

3. Simulated Live
This system provides the ability to loop a video file play list on the server so all viewers see the same output providing a “TV station” like loop which does not start at the beginning.

4. Live Event Broadcasting
Live Broadcasting from Papaboy Media either involves the broadcast team attending the event or we rent the equipment for a minimum term of 5 days.


When broadcasting a live event there are three main points to take in to account:

1. What is the business model? Who is paying for the facility and streaming bandwidth, is it an advertising sponsor or are you charging an entrance fee to watch the stream in hand?

2 . Where are you broadcasting from? Does it have access to use a current connectivity circuit or is there the capacity to install a temporary circuit or will a satellite facility have to be used?

3. Who is the event aimed at? Is it a UK audience or a global audience and does it have to be limited to certain countries due to the licensing of the event or content?

With the Live event Papaboy gets involved up to 60 days before the event to promote the event and the ability to sell advanced tickets, the event is then broadcast during the live period and then the recorded and edited version is added to the platform for an unlimited amount of time to earn revenue on a “see again” video on demand service.